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Branded USB Sticks – Promote Your Brand

Branded USB sticks are fantastic not only for day to day use but for promotional and marketing purposes.

Being able to store data and coupled with your logo for all to see USB sticks/USB Flash drives are one of the best

promotional tools available in your marketing arsenal.

There are quite literally hundreds of shapes and

memory size combinations available.


The examples below are all available within 10 working days for a variety of memory sizes. USB's can be pre-loaded with data or left blank, we can even password protect the content, just in case.

Either way they are a perfect product to promote your brand!


Branded USB Twister Stick

This is the biggest seller we offer. Incredibly popular with all manner of companies and available in a range of data sizes, this particular branded USB stick more commonly known as the Twister USB is a low cost promotional tool and great for your next marketing push.

Branded USB Twister Stick
Branded USB Twisters and USB packaging
Branded USB Drive

Branded USB Drive

This example is just one of the types of branded USB drives we currently offer.

We have many colours to suit and with your logo added to them and loaded up with data they are a handy way to compliment your brand.

Branded Wristband USB

Wristband USB drives come in a wealth of colours and can also vary in thickness. Some have fastening clip whilst others simply slap over your wrist and lock automatically.

Extremely popular with event organisers, exhibitions, charities and more. Mainly due to their simplicity and potential branding with colour matching.

Digiclone has even had bands releasing their albums on this cool product.

Wafer Thin USB Card

Wafer Thin USB Card

You may have seen these before at an event or been given one as part of a promotion. These USB cards offer plenty of print area for product information or branding and fit nicely in a wallet/purse to boot!

Have questions about any of our branded USB sticks?

If you do have any questions about our Branded USB or indeed require a quote on Branded USB then please feel out the form below.

If you would prefer to contact us via telephone and speak to a member of the team please do so on 07879 534 106

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Branded USB Flash drives
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