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Digiclone Multimedia has been around for a long time now, Starting off as a family business in 1995,

as a cassette, vinyl and CD duplication and replication company only, we were amongst the first in the UK to setup a CD duplication business mostly aimed at bands and the musical side of things. As we grew from strength to strength we started to add more options and products to our growing list and in early 2010 we became a multimedia company, producing everything from CD, DVD , USB, Vinyl, and printing products, distributing throughout the UK and all over Europe

Meet the Team

Ronnie Montgomery
Director and Founder

Ronnie was the founder and director from the beggining, with Ronnie's musical back ground he then entered the world of duplication giving bands and companies access to sell their products on CD cassette and Vinyl, Ronnie sadly is no longer with us and is sorely missed, his legend lives on with everything we do here at Digiclone!

Jon & Alan
The Press men

Jon and Alan play various roles within the company but thier main job is working the colour press and precision cutting on the guillotine. also known as the pack men, they packs all CD and DVD duplication and print orders ready for delivery. 

Stuart Montgomery
Managing Director and Marketing

Stuart took over control after Ronnie had passed everything over in 2012, after working as an employee and being trained in every aspect of the business since  2001, Stuart has taken the business to new markets and currently excels in his role as managing director and marketing leader.

Accounts and marketing

Paula is the newest member to the Digiclone clan, very effective in her role and undertaking all invoicing and accounts. Paula is also a dab hand with marketing ideas and content and helps us keep our customer focus on track! she also makes a great cuppa!

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